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Welcome to Asset Management

  Asset Management provides support services to the University community to facilitate the management of tangible institutional property held in possession by the University. Our clients are the faculty and staff of the University. It is the mission of Asset Management to establish uniform policies and procedures for accountability and control of University-owned and government-owned equipment and furniture entrusted to the care of University employees and to provide quality support services to our customers in a responsible and accountable manner.

Asset Management also provides updates on available surplus assets available to any University office for free.




   Our office is scanning all University property labels, starting May 30, 2017.  We expect the scanning phase to finish by August 31.  Here is the estimated schedule of when we will be visiting each building.  The labels can be on furniture, computers, equipment, vehicles as well as stationary, substantial components to a building's infrastructure.


Unneeded furniture and equipment

  All offices are reminded to contact Andrew Wolf for any furniture, electronics, equipment, etc. that are no longer needed.  This includes anything that the University will have to dispose of, regardless of the presence of a CUA property tag.

Some items have special disposal requirements and the University has in-house resources to safely dispose of all types.  Please leave the item(s) behind a secure door until Andrew Wolf has provided written instructions.

Contact Information

Andrew Wolf

Asset Program Manager

Marist Annex
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Avenue, NE
Washington DC 20064

Phone: 202-319-5602
Fax: 202-319-4446